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ALICE Training Institute Online Store
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About ALICE Products

ALICE Training has a solution for your organization. ALICE works in any industry and organizations of any size. We can prepare your organization to respond to violence. With our ALICE-branded products, like our wallet cards or t-shirts, you will be able to carry ALICE with you wherever you go in life! We designed our posters, stress balls, hats, etc. with the intent to give our customers a constant reminder of their ALICE training and the opportunity to start conversations with others about their ALICE training.

Our Story
From our beginning as a small school security training company, we have been dedicated to promoting proactive strategies to improve the chances of survival during an active shooter event. We’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals in Police/LE, K-12 Schools, Healthcare, Higher Education, Business, Government and Houses of Worship organizations and empowered their people using ALICE Training.

Our drive to make a difference and continue to lead the evolution in active shooter response tactics is at the core of what makes our solutions so effective. At the ALICE Training Institute, we’re always working to create new stories of improvement. From teachers and healthcare professionals to police and everyday citizens, our active shooter training classes teach skills that improve your chances of survival anywhere you go in life.